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  • The Lacebark Pine Aviator Scarf is handwoven with 100% wool for a warm and comforting, cold weather scarf. Pinstripes of brown and white wool (locally grown in Fletcher, NC) are woven on a deep green background.


    This piece is handwoven with heather wool and North Carolina wool. It is lightly felted, with a soft halo. The wool's heather effect is created by blending together many different shades for a unique yarn color with depth. Although it appears dark green, there are very subtle flecks of blue, red, and yellow fibers blended into the yarn.


    Designed, handwoven, and finished in Asheville NC, by Emelie Weber Wade



    10.5" x 74"



    finished with a hemstitch

    Lacebark Pine Aviator Scarf

    SKU: 1124
    • 100% Wool

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