• There is a brick wall that only exists in childhood memories. It breathes and changes with each flicker of reality. The brick wall is the meeting place, scattered with stark red fire ants and guarded by moths. It survives tornados, ice storms, and cars bursting through its structure. It is a masonry tight rope, the source of scrapes and broken bones with casts as trophies. The wall is temporary and always changing, yet sturdy and brimming with life. 


    The Brick Wall bandana incorporates Tencel, Merino wool, alpaca silk, organic cotton, and hemp in a highly structural 8-harness plaited twill. The deep red-orange and burgundy are representative of the color and texture of aging bricks. 


    Our premium bandanas are handwoven with the highest-quality materials. Each fiber in the Brick Wall bandana is eco-friendly and mindfully woven together using traditional techniques for a modern accessory. Delightfully soft with a beautiful drape, this bandana is intended to be carried with you through every step in life, no matter how hard it is. 


    The Brick Wall bandana is easy to tie or pin. The dimensions are 22.5" x 23". Handwoven textiles are an investment that can be utilized for many years when cared for mindfully. Welcome the Brick Wall bandana into your capsule wardrobe with peace of mind. The hem is triple-stitched for strength. Due to the nature of the materials, please do not dry in a machine with heat. The structure of the fabric will be permanently altered with high heat. Hang or lay flat to dry. 

    Brick Wall Bandana

    SKU: 107106
    • 30% Tencel

      30% Organic cotton

      25% Merino Tencel

      20% Hemp

      5% Alpaca silk