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  • A light and breezy crop top, handwoven with 100% Tencel in an autumnal palette of bold orange, soft yellow, brick red, coral red, and a touch of silver. This piece is one of a kind and designed to be airy, with wide, open sleeves and a cropped waist. 

    The two sides of the top are color coordinating, with distinctly different striping patterns. With a mirrored construction and boat neck, this piece can be worn with either side as the front. Our Butterfly Crop Tops function like a modern shawl--wear this elegant statement piece over a dress or tank top for effortless handwoven style. 


    Designed, handwoven, and sewn in Asheville, NC.


    Size XL

    Bust/waist: 48" 

    Length (shoulder to bottom hem): 15"

    Width (sleeve hem to sleeve hem): 36"

    Io Butterfly Crop Top

    SKU: 1314
    • 100% Tencel

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