• Earth laughs in flowers. Earth grins in minerals and smiles in weeds peeking through cracked sidewalks. Earth bandana is a song for the beautiful cycle of life that exists on our planet and within nature. It embodies the plants and animals that live in harmony with one another and permeate our landscape. 


    Earth bandana is mindfully handwoven with eco-friendly materials. Sustainably sourced trees, plants, and living creatures are respectfully incorporated. The result is a textile made to stand the test of time. The juxtaposition of colors is symbolic of life cycles. 


    Our premium bandanas are soft, supple, and large. They are versatile and can be worn in a myriad of ways to suit your style. The fringe is triple-stitched for strength. The dimensions of the Earth bandana are 23.5" x 23". This bandana should not be dried in a machine. Please hang or lay flat to dry. 

    Earth Bandana

    SKU: 107104
    • 30% Tencel

      30% Organic cotton

      20% Hemp

      20% Alpaca silk