Lunadendron stash baskets are hand dyed and handmade in Anderson County, Kentucky. The wool yarn is first botanically dyed, then it's tightly coiled around cotton filler cord. Each Lunadendron stash basket includes a lid with a loop handle to keep your secret stash, well, secret! We love stash baskets for keeping small items like embroidery floss and needles organized and out of the way.


The Juniper Stash Basket is botanically dyed with juniper cones foraged by the artist. The gentle yellow hue of the wool yarn is a subtle testament to the beauty of the natural Kentucky landscape. This is a small stash basket with a diameter and height of 2".



Juniper Stash Basket

  • Handmade by Emelie Weber

    Botanically dyed wool & 100% cotton filler 

    Coiled Basket with Lid

    Basket dimensions: 2" diameter; 2" height

    Lid dimensions: 2" diameter, 1" height w/handle


    Spot clean with a damp rag. Avoid hot water.

    Lunadendron stash baskets slightly felt over time and the color may change. Consider it a living, breathing piece of art!