• Have you ever crushed a mint leaf between your fingers and let the aroma permeate the air? The rough texture and escaping oils feel like magic in your hands. Mint is soothing and rich with life nutrients. Visions of herb gardens infiltrated with mint varieties and their pollinators are the inspiration for the Mint Garden bandana.


    The Mint Garden bandana is handwoven with Tencel, alpaca silk, organic cotton, and hemp. The color palette is light and refreshing. Thin picks of black, alpaca silk give the design visual strength and represent the long stems and strong roots found in mint varieties. The juxtaposition of Tencel and alpaca silk lend the bandana a beautiful texture reminiscent of the two sides of a mint leaf. One side is smooth, the other is rough, but they are both soft and brimming with life. 


    The Mint Garden bandana is a large, premium bandana. It can easily be tied or pinned. The dimensions are 23.5" x 23". The fringe is triple-stitched for durability. The bandana incorporates a significant amount of alpaca silk, which shrinks at a different rate than Tencel. Although the effect is beautiful in its own right, please do not dry in a machine dryer if you wish to preserve the original fabric. Hang or lay flat to dry. All our textiles are pre-washed in cool water with a gentle detergent. 

    Mint Garden Bandana

    SKU: 107105
    • 30% Tencel

      30% Organic cotton

      20% Alpaca silk

      20% hemp