• Today we honor the weavers who forged the path before us. 


    I embroidered the runic names of seven weavers who threw their first shuttle and foretold a future in which weaving thrives. Each of these weavers has a connection to Kentucky, to the place I fell in love with the craft. Each of these weavers walked the same rugged floorboards, barefooted and eager to learn. 


    The apron is the part of the loom that connects the handwoven fabric to the cloth beam. A sturdy apron offers a helping hand in keeping tension on the fabric. It also has a protective element, much like the domestic aprons adorned by women since antiquity. 


    With mended hands, I will tie my apron and begin the ritual of weaving yet again. I am grateful for the weavers who forged the path before me so I may honor a craft rich with Kentucky tradition. 

    Seven Sisters

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    • Organic Cottolin