• Ancient limestone fences permeate the Kentucky landscape, acting as boundaries on the sides of roads, farms, and pastures. Handbuilt walls can be found throughout the United States, with seemingly endless miles of fences in Kentucky. Singular stones are scattered throughout our woodlands, a fleeting memory of what once was and what has changed with the pressures of time. With most having been built in the 18th century by Scots-Irish settlers, these stone walls are enveloped with tendrils of the past and present. They hold ancestral wisdom within their texture and represent the building blocks of Kentucky. 


    The Stone Wall bandana takes inspiration from this quintessential element of the Kentucky landscape. Charcoal grey Tencel is handwoven with thin picks of black and beige alpaca silk. The primary fiber in this bandana is Tencel, which naturally absorbs moisture and releases it, creating a cooling effect. With a light and airy feel, the Stone Wall bandana is perfect for brisk hikes and everyday wear. The combination of Tencel, alpaca silk, organic cotton, and hemp make this bandana irresistibly soft to the touch with a beautiful drape. The Tencel offers a gentle sheen reminiscent of moisture-holding onto rocks. 


    Our bandanas are versatile and our customers have found many uses for them. They are often worn as scarves around the neck, on the head, or over a mask. This is a large, premium bandana that can easily be tied or pinned. 


    This bandana measures 22.5” x 22” with a triple-stitched fringe for durability. The weaving structure is an 8-harness plaited twill. This scarf contains alpaca silk, which will shrink and change the look of the fabric if dried with heat. Although this creates a beautiful effect, please do not dry in a machine dryer if you would like to preserve the integrity of the original handwoven fabric.

    Stone Wall Bandana

    SKU: 107103
    • 40% Tencel

      30% Organic cotton

      20% Hemp

      10% Alpaca silk