• The Fireside bandana is the warmest and coziest Lunadendron bandana ever created. It is handwoven with organic cotton and hemp warp and alpaca silk and merino Tencel weft. Wear this bandana first thing in the morning to bring warmth and brightness to your day. 

    The colorway takes its inspiration from early mornings and wood-burning stoves, with neutral tones reminiscent of fallen ash wood. Building fires for warmth is an act ripe with ancestral wisdom and survival instincts. It is a sign of burgeoning society and tales of the old world. 


    This handwoven fabric is thick and supple, with blanket-like qualities. Tie it around your neck, wear it on your head, or cover your mask in style. The materials are eco-friendly and high-quality, making the Fireside bandana a long-lasting accessory with the right care. This bandana should never be dried with heat. It will shrink significantly. Please hang or lay flat to dry. All our textiles are pre-washed in a washing machine with a gentle detergent. 


    The dimensions of the Fireside bandana are 23" x 23". The fringe is triple stitched for durability. The bandana can be tied with a knot and looks lovely with a traditional scarf pin. 

    Fireside Bandana

    SKU: 107107
    • 30% Alpaca silk

      30% Organic cotton

      20% Hemp

      10% Merino Tencel