My name is Emelie Weber. I'm a Kentucky weaver and wearable art is my passion. I weave one of a kind scarves, jackets, accessories and home decor on my jack loom in Frankfort, KY.  To learn more about the weaving process and the love that goes into one of a kind textile design, click here.

I learned how to weave in 2012 as an apprentice weaver for Berea College Student Crafts. I studied studio art with a concentration in fibers while I made napkins, scarves and baby blankets for the school to sell. From the moment I sat down at the loom, I knew weaving was an art form I would find true passion in. As a student at Berea College, I gained invaluable skills in textile design and weaving production. I was able to travel to New York and Providence, Rhode Island in pursuit of understanding how weaving fits into the often opposing worlds of art and craft. 

In 2014, I was awarded the Sarah Fuller Smith Loom Award. This annual award is given to one apprentice weaver who is expected to continue weaving outside of school. I purchased an 8 harness Artisat LeClerc jack loom, which I still weave on today. It's ideal for weaving the sumptuously soft textiles I make. 

In 2017, Lunadendron was founded as a means to share my love for handwoven textiles. I began selling my work online and at local art festivals. I love talking to people about weaving and hearing stories about the craft.  I take great pride in knowing that I am carrying on a tradition with deep roots in the history of Kentucky.

My wearable art is made to stand the test of time and be passed down across generations. You'll look good and feel great wearing Lunadendron textiles because each piece is made with high quality fibers and a love for the weaving process. I sell my work online and at Silo Ridge Makers Market in historic downtown Frankfort, KY. My loom lives there too, and I would love to show you first hand how I create one of a kind, wearable art. 

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