My name is Emelie Weber. I'm a weaver and fiber artist in Frankfort, KY. I was born and raised in central Ohio and my teenage years were spent selling handmade bottlecap jewelry and (admittedly bad) graphic design. We all start somewhere! I attended Columbus College of Art and Design for a year of foundation studies in fine arts, where I also gained invaluable experience in art museums and galleries. 

I was introduced to the craft of weaving at Berea College, where I worked as a weaving apprentice and studied studio art with a concentration in fibers. The Student Crafts Leadership Team allowed me to travel to Louisville and New York to explore the relationship between art and craft, and where those practices fall into retail spaces. In 2014, I received the Hutchens Art Award, the Design for a Summer Award which sent me to Convergence (a truly amazing weaving conference), and the greatest point of my pride and joy - the Sarah Fuller Smith Loom Award. This award allowed me to purchase a loom of my choice, a beautiful 8-harness LeClerc Artisat. I started Lunadendron with this loom, which is still my main workhorse, in my studio apartment in Louisville. 

In 2017, I founded Lunadendron as a means to share my passion for handwoven textiles. I started selling my handmade textiles at arts and crafts festivals, gallery shows and I built a website to facilitate international sales. In 2018, I joined Silo Ridge Makers Market as a vendor. I had no idea what the market would become in my personal art journey, but joining the market is one of the best decisions I've made for my business.

After working a number of jobs in call centers and customer service, I went full-time with Lunadendron in November of 2019. In January of 2020, I became the owner of Silo Ridge Makers Market. In a year, we have grown to house 40 Kentucky artists in a booth-style set-up. My current art studio is located inside the market, where I teach classes and demonstrate weaving. One of the best things about running the market is having the opportunity to support local artists and makers. In addition to retail booths, we also teach classes, host demonstrations that inspire the community and work together to build each other's dreams.


While the pandemic brought unprecedented challenges to both Lunadendron and Silo Ridge Makers Market, both businesses are growing rapidly. I began taking coaching calls in the summer of 2020 and have found an incredibly fulfilling path in uplifting and empowering artists to take charge of their handmade businesses. I help artists align their brand with their core values, use social media as a tool for building meaningful client and collaborative relationships, and identify new avenues of growth to explore. My secret sauce is a follow-up with very specific, curated resources for YOUR handmade business because there is no one-size-fits-all solution for every handmade business. If you need a push in your handmade business, I'm here for you. 

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