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Hello! My name is Emelie Weber. I'm a weaver and fiber artist living and working in Frankfort, KY. 

In 2012, I accepted a position at Berea College as an apprentice weaver for the Student Crafts program. I began my weaving journey by making napkins, scarves and baby blankets to sell at the college craft stores. I was immediately smitten by the process, having played around with fiber arts and quilting in my high school studies. I loved the sound of the looms beating in time and watching the woven fabric build up before my eyes. I changed my studio art major concentration from painting to fiber arts because I wanted to branch out and find my own voice in weaving.

In 2014, I won the Sarah Fuller Smith Loom award, which gives one student a loom, and the necessary tools to weave on it, every year. I chose an 8 harness Artisat LeClerc, which I still weave on today. In 2017, I founded Lunadendron in order to share my passion for weaving and fiber arts. I weave accessories, garments and home decor with sustainability in mind.

Weaving is a true form of slow fashion. The process begins with design and choosing materials. I strive to use only the best quality yarns for an exceptional end product. I often weave with cotton, hemp and Tencel, which is a silk substitute made with eucalyptus wood pulp in a sustainable extrusion process. I never use synthetic fibers or yarn that may have an unethical background. After I have chosen my fiber content and measured enough yarn to complete my project, I set up my loom and begin the weaving process. Weaving is a slow and meditative process that requires patience and skill. Each scarf, for example, takes between 5-10 hours depending on the pattern and size of the scarf. When you purchase a Lunadendron product, you can rest assured that you will receive a high quality, ethically produced and sustainably conscious work of art. 

My work can be found year round at Silo Ridge Makers Market in downtown Frankort, KY.