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  • Inspired by the Aurea plant, commonly known as Creeping Jenny, this one-of-a-kind Mountaineer Cowl uses an intricate alpaca/wool inlay to give the piece depth and texture.


    Inlay is produced by weaving in fiber accents using a poke shuttle. This process is incredibly time-consuming, but the resulting texture is unmatched. The inlay in the Aurea Mountaineer Cowl is lightly felted and moves and flows throughout the woven fabric. The teal inlay contrasts beautifully with the lovebird green background, woven in a bold, double point twill.


    The Aurea Mountaineer Cowl is handwoven on a Tencel/cotton warp with a Tencel weft and alpaca/wool inlay. Mountaineer Cowls are sewn with a twist, giving this cowl effortless drape and body.


    Designed, handwoven, and sewn in Asheville, NC by Emelie Weber Wade.

    Aurea Mountaineer Cowl

    SKU: 24223
    • 12.5" x 33"

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