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  • The Olive Grid Plaid Butterfly Crop Top is handwoven with 100% Tencel and constructed with wide, open sleeves for a light and airy top. Pair our Butterfly Crop Tops with a strappy sundress, a romper, or wear it over a tank top to instantly dress up any ensemble.


    Our Olive Grid Plaid line of handwoven wearable art is repeatable and available for pre-order. Each piece features the same warp and weft, with slightly varying point twill structure. While they look very similar, no two Olive Grid Plaid tops are exactly alike.


    Designed, handwoven, and sewn in Asheville, NC by Emelie Weber Wade




    Bust/waist: 52"

    Length from shoulder to hem: 18"

    Width from sleeve hem to sleeve hem: 40"


    Olive Grid Plaid Boxy Crop Top

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