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  • The Rosy Maple Moth Butterfly Crop Top is handwoven with a luxuriousy soft blend of fibers. Yellow, pink, and coral Tencel are paired with a bold, pink alpaca and silk blend. This top feels like a comforting blanket and is intended to be worn as a modern shawl over another garment. This piece of wearable art is one of a kind. 


    Our Butterfly Crop Tops are designed to be worn with either side as the front. The two sides of this top share a color palette, with variation in stripes and blocks. The intricate, complex twill weaving structures flows throughout the length of the fabric.


    Designed, handwoven, and sewn in Asheville, NC by Emelie Weber Wade. The Rosy Maple Butterfly Crop Top exhibited in "The Colors of Pink" at Pink Dog Creative Gallery from December 8th, 2023-February 25th 2024. 

    Rosy Maple Butterfly Crop Top

    SKU: 50009
    • Size XL

      Bust/waist: 48"

      Length: 16"

      When in doubt, size up! Our handwoven fabric is not stretchy.

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