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Bespoke Weaving

Custom handwoven accessories and garments, wholesale orders, woven textile design packages, virtual weaving lessons, and art coaching. We are here to help! Work with us to create one-of-a-kind handwoven textiles for yourself, your bff, your shop, your textile manufacturing facility, and get aligned with your weaving hobby or art business with our expertise in handwoven textiles. 

Our services are all initiated with a simple e-mail. Let us know how we can help you!


custom cowls + scarves

Cowls and scarves handwoven in your favorite colors and striping patterns that vibe with your unique frequency. Custom cowls and scarves are woven on a white, Tencel warp and take 6-8 weeks to complete.

Custom cowls

basic: $90

luxe: $140

Custom scarves

basic: $200

luxe: $250

E-mail us at


handwoven garments made-to-fit

Handwoven garments made specifically for you, your body, and your lifestyle! Our garments are an investment and a custom order means your piece of wearable art will fit just right. Your measurements are required to begin the garment weaving process. Please allow 8-12 weeks after receipt of measurements for custom garment work. 

Custom short sleeve crop top

basic: $180

luxe: $230

Custom short sleeve full-length top

basic: $230

luxe: $280

Custom butterfly sleeve crop top

basic: $280

luxe: $330

Custom butterfly sleeve full-length top

basic: $330

luxe: $380

Pricing schedule applies to ALL sizes :)

E-mail us at


wholesale orders

Our wholesale orders are made to order! If you need handwoven scrunchies, headbands, or accessories for your shop, use this option. We'll work with you to weave the perfect batch of handwoven accessories for your boutique or market and you'll get a 50% wholesale discount. Order minimums apply. Wholesale, resale, and stockist accounts must be approved by Lunadendron. 

We get a lot of requests to use Faire for wholesale orders! Due to the custom nature of our wholesale orders, and our limited one-of-a-kind inventory, Faire is unfortunately not a viable option for our small business. All initial wholesale account requests must  be e-mailed to


woven textile design

Weaving pattern files, woven samples, color palettes, material lists, and mood boards for your woven textile production facility. Our head textile designer and weaver, Emelie Weber Wade, has over 10 years experience in small-batch production weaving and textile design, with a focus on sustainable fibers. 

Prices vary! Please e-mail us with your ideas for more info and how we can serve your design needs. 


1-on-1 weaving lesson

A 30-minute zoom session to discuss multi-shaft* weaving techniques, loom repair, pattern design, and whatever else is bugging you about weaving. 

*no rigid heddle looms, sorry! 

$50 per initial half-hour session 

$25 per each additional half-hour

Request a weaving lesson


1-on-1 art biz coaching

A 30-minute zoom session pep talk for your handmade biz. Get help applying to shows, writing statements, selling your art, and setting aligned goals. 

$50 per initial half-hour session

$25 per each additional half-hour

Request an art coaching call

faqs about our services

  • We are currently not taking custom orders for home goods, such as napkins, towels, placemats, blankets, pillows, etc. Keep an eye out for those offerings in late 2023! 

  • To start a custom order, wholesale order, design services, or request a meeting for weaving lessons or art coaching, please email us at

  • You will receive a free, written initial consultation via e-mail for all services with an expected turn-around time. You will receive a separate e-mail invoice for your service via Square Invoices.

  • For custom cowls, scarves, and garments, a 50% payment is required to begin weaving. You will receive an invoice for the remainder when the item is ready to ship. No orders will be shipped without complete payment.

  •  Wholesale orders and design services must be paid in full to begin work. 

  • All 1-on-1 weaving lessons and art coaching services are held over Zoom. We'll email you to discuss what you want to go over in your call and what time works best for you. You will receive an invoice and a zoom link for your allotted time. After our call, I'll follow up our discussion with a written e-mail and any relevant resources to our call. 

  • Custom cowls, scarves, and garments, wholesale orders,  textile design services, and 1-on-1 weaving lessons and art coaching calls are non-refundable. 

  • Custom orders, wholesale orders, design services, weaving lessons, and coaching calls may be closed and/or re-opened at any time, depending on the needs of our 2-person business. We typically do not take custom orders during our busiest months (November + December). 

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