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Weaving on a jack loom requires minimal resources. It's operated by the weaver's hands and feet. The only electricity we use comes from the bobbin winder, sewing machine and washer.


We use only the highest quality, eco-friendly materials, such as Tencel, hemp and organic cotton. We do not use synthetic or plastic based materials such as polyester or nylon in our wearable art.


We reuse our textile waste and scraps for fiber jewelry and fiber art. Very little material is wasted in our weaving production since implementing our line of textile waste jewelry.


We never treat our textiles with harsh chemicals. Our textiles are washed in a washing machine with eco-friendly and sensitive detergent, such as 7th Generation Free & Clear or equivalent, then hanged to dry. We recommend hand washing. 


We purchase the majority of our yarn from a local specialty fiber store. The yarn we use is manufactured in North America. Our goal is to keep the carbon footprint of our material as small as possible. We do not use yarn shipped overseas.


Our wearable art is made to last. In the last two decades, fashion has become more disposable. Buying one high quality scarf vs. 10 poor quality scarves makes a lasting impact on our environment. 


While we hope you don't send our textiles to the landfill, all our fabrics are natural and biodegradable. Polyester is the most commonly used fiber in the fashion industry and takes more than 200 years to decompose. 

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